Harirud offers an impressive track record of contributing outstanding professional support in the operational environment. We have the full capability to provide the necessary assets and services to meet all statement of work (SOW) requirements. We have developed and adapted our services to proactively support our clients in the most adverse circumstances, and consistently deliver.

During the past 14 years, Harirud has secured a reputation in the region as a premier provider of leasing & maintenance services, Labor Augmentation Services (LAS), camp supply/operation, Material Handling Equipment, Non-Tactical Vehicles (ASSETS/NTV), humanitarian aid,
national reconstruction, and industrial & infrastructure development.


When you need specialized equipment and vehicles to help you accomplish the job, Harirud can procure most brands with various financing options, new and used, long and short term, and with full maintenance services.


Harirud specializes in hiring, managing, training, and transporting personnel in each specific region of the world.


Since 2007, Harirud has cost-effectively procured, secured, and transported fuel locally and cross-border.


Doing business in remote, harsh, and unstable areas of the world presents challenges that require in-depth knowledge and specialized expertise that Harirud delivers.


Call on Harirud when time is critical and the job is complex. Our facility support services provide installation as well as the necessities for all life and camp support and facility management.